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One of the many challenges that face 1099 Consultants is finding your next project. 

OneKey is dedicated to helping you obtain your next engagement so you can focus on your current job. ​Together we find your next position that has the core values and goals that are important to you.

OneKey Recruiting Services, LLC matches an individual's aspirations and talents to your organization's culture, needs, and requirements. 

Our interview process and tools combined with our lower than competitor pricing provide your organization with the best of both worlds. At OneKey, finding a 1099 Contractor isn't just about filling an open position, it's about finding the RIGHT Contractor. It's about understanding your organization, your culture, the competitive healthcare IT industry, and your idea of the ideal candidate.

Helping you find the right individual is our goal and comes with our personal commitment. 

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Giving Back

2015 Year to Date

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OneKey Recruiting Services supports and donates to the following organizations:

* Wounded Warriors Family Support

* Alzheimer's Foundation

* Children International